Does your writing need the once-over, or a little polishing up?

If you’ve written an article, a post, a course or an e-book but the words just aren’t quite working for you, a fresh pair of eyes and an outside perspective could be just what you need.

I can provide both.

There are different ways to have your work edited:

  • A simple spelling, punctuation and grammar check (you know how cross some people get when they read your instead of you’re!).
  • A look at the overall structure and flow of the content, with suggestions for improvement to increase clarity and engagement.
  • A layman’s perspective to make sure your content is accessible and easy to digest for those who don’t have your expert knowledge.
  • A focus on tone and message, and how – as an imaginary member of your audience – I respond to your words. Will I trust your expertise? Or buy your product? Or turn to you as my go-to source of advice for your particular topic?

You can choose any or all of the above, depending on what you feel your words need most.


How it works

In its simplest form: you let me know what you need and I do it!

You can opt for your work to be reviewed but untouched, and simply receive suggestions for improvements.

Or, I can get stuck in and make all the changes for you. This isn’t as dramatic as it sounds! I’d first understand the purpose of your content, who it’s written for, and I’d spend time getting to know your voice. I’d then make suggestions (and/or edit a sample) so you could decide if you’d like me to go ahead.

As there is no ‘one size fits all’, what works for one client won’t be what another one needs. So, I provide a tailored service for all of my clients to ensure I can make their words work for them.


The benefits of finding a reliable editing service

  • If you enjoy expressing yourself but translating your thoughts to the page isn’t your forte, you can write at will and have your words refined for you.
  • Equally, if you’re pushed for time, you can just knock something up quickly without worrying about structure and flow, and know that your words will be coaxed into shape for you.
  • You can test out your content before you release it into the big, wide world to make sure your words are working as they should be.
  • Chances are, you’re an expert in your field… which can make it easy to forget that your audience probably doesn’t know as much as you do. Having an outsider to edit your words means you can avoid alienating people by assuming existing knowledge, or missing the mark by forgetting to include vital stuff.


 Fed up with wrestling with your words?

Contact me today and discover how I can make your words work for you.