Would you like multi-purpose content from one audio recording?

Economy of effort at its very best! And if writing really isn’t your thing, this is the easiest way to get your words written – without a single keystroke or a pen in sight.

I offer two kinds of transcription…

1. Standard transcription
Transcribing audio from recorded interviews, presentations, lectures, podcasts or dictations. The transcript becomes your written content, to use however you see fit.

2. Enhanced transcription
Instead of transcribing word-for-word what you’ve said, I use your audio to form the basis of new content. For example, perhaps you gave a presentation that was recorded; I can transcribe and re-work the audio to write an article, blog post or online course.


How does it become multi-purpose?

Let’s say you’ve uploaded the audio (podcast, interview, presentation etc.) to your website. If you have it transcribed, you can…

  • Upload the written text beneath the audio, giving people the option to listen or read
  • Keep the likes of Google happy by regularly generating new – searchable – content
  • Take snippets or quotes that really shout out your message and post them to your social channels, or add one to your email signature
  • Collate all of your text and repackage it as a complete e-book or online course
  • Offer event attendees a transcript of your presentation so they can refer to your words long after you’ve finished speaking

All from one single recording!

The possibilities are endless, and the effort required from you is minimal!


How it works

All you need to do is decide if you’d like a standard or enhanced transcription, and then send your audio to me. You can share it via Dropbox, Google Drive, wetransfer – or even use good old-fashioned post and send a USB stick. I’ll then email the transcript back to you.

If you go for enhanced transcription, I’ll ask you what you want your audio to become and the next time you see your words they’ll be in the form of your choice!


The benefits of finding a reliable transcription service

  • Economy of effort (and cash)! You’ll get multi-purpose written content, either word-for-word or transformed into something new.
  • If you conduct a lot of interviews, having them transcribed will make it much easier to refer back to specific points than having to scrub back and forth through a recording.
  • Are you keen to write an e-book, but daunted by the prospect? With enhanced transcription, you provide the content and I’ll write the e-book for you!
  • And if you don’t like writing at all, you can simply dictate your letters, notes, articles or ideas and have them turned into text without having to open your laptop once.


Prefer to talk rather than type?

Contact me today and discover how I can make your words work for you.